Talks + Events

Research talks and events:

  1. 2015, June. “Encryption, Anonymity and Human Rights.” Research workshop in the “Human Rights in the Digital Age” theme at the Amnesty-Cambridge Encryption Masterclass, Center of Governance and Human Rights, Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  2. 2015, July. “Global Digital Politics and the Digital Technocrats.” Research talk in the “Media In Restrictive Contexts: Case Studies and Alternative Conceptions” panel at the Annenberg–Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute, Center for Socio–Legal Studies, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom.
  3. 2016, April. “Tracing the Development of India and China’s Big Data Governance Infrastructures.” Research presentation at the Science and Technology Global Conference, American Association for the Advancement of Science-National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC.
  4. 2016, April. “Regime-Sponsored Big Data Infrastructures for Developing Population Awareness and Management Capacity, 1995-2015.” Research talk at the Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law, Department of Media and Information, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.
  5. 2016, June. “FinTech for Governance: Disruptive Data Infrastructures and Population Management.” Research talk at Dim Sum Labs, HKMake Limited, Hong Kong.
  6. 2017, January. “High-Tech Governance through Big Data Surveillance? Tracing the Development of China and India’s Population-Data Infrastructures, 2000-Present.” Keynote research talk at European Social Research Council’s Contentious Politics and Democracy in the Digital Arena Conference [ESRC: Exploring Civil Society Strategies for Democratic Renewal Seminar], University of London, London, UK.
  7. 2017, March. “High-Tech Governance through Big Data Surveillance: Tracing the Development of China’s Social Credit System.” Research talk at Science, Technology, and the Politics of Knowledge in Global Affairs, Buffett Institute for Global Studies, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.