Publications + Reports

Big-DIG white papers:

  1. On Data Infrastructures and Governance Administration:
    • Event history analysis of Worldwide Government Database Projects.
    • Process tracing India’s National Biometric ID Infrastructure Deployment.
    • Process tracing China’s National Social Credit Infrastructure Development.
  2. On High Technology and Homegrown Innovation:
    • Comparative analysis of Regional vs. Peripheral Innovation Systems in the Global North.
    • Industry analysis of Hacker/Maker Spaces and Zizhu Innovation in China.
    • Industry analysis of Hacker/Maker Spaces and Jugaad Innovation in India.
  3. On Technology Transfer and National Capability:
    • QCA analysis of High-Tech RnD Programs and Capacity Development
    • North-South Collaboration in Rising Asia
    • South-South Cooperation in Developing Africa